A fake belly at the Bolshoi Theatre

The premiere of Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” ballet took place at the Bolshoi Theatre. Our fake belly made the so-called debut in ballet along with the premiere.

A fake pregnant belly

In 2008, we made the first fake belly in the world to imitate pregnancy.
If you decide to adopt a baby or use a surrogate and don’t want people to know about it, a fake belly is a solution. We understand why imitation of pregnancy is necessary, we will keep your secret and help to make sure that other people don’t know about it.
We have developed a new product, a fake belly, which will help you keep a secret.
A fake belly can be made of silicone or silicone foam. Regardless of which fake belly you decide to purchase, you will receive a high-quality product. The materials used in the manufacture of fake bellies are totally hypoallergenic, we use only the best materials that are used for prosthetics in Hollywood as well as for prostheses in the world’s best clinics.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality of the data received from you.

Beware of frauds, low-quality products and resellers!