Let’s talk about what you shouldn’t buy

“Analogues” of fake bellies

Chinese and other manufacturers of fake bellies, if they can be called in such a way, are trying to attract customers by means of cost. Nevertheless, even this doesn’t always work.
The outer look, materials, wearing comfort, fastening of fake bellies manufactured in China are very different from those manufactured by our company. Let’s get all this straightened out.


This is perhaps the most important point of this comparison.
The thing is, not all silicones are harmless and can be used in close contact with the skin. We use the best materials that have permits and are tested by many years of our experience and independent experts. The material they use to make these plain, jelly-like bellies remains a mystery, because we couldn’t detect it, considering the fact that we have fifteen years of experience in working with silicones.
The silicone we use


The silicone we use


Outer look

We won’t dwell on this for a long time. A quick glance is enough to see the differences.
This is jelly-like mass, wrapped in a plastic bag, in different versions. Obviously, this solution is far from being perfect and is based on the low cost of production. Such a belly made of liquid flowing silicone is much easier and cheaper to cast, it doesn’t require special skills.


This is worth talking about separately. All of these bellies are fastened on the back with Velcro on a thick layer of silicone. Again, this solution is at least controversial. A layer of silicone with overlap, in the place where the Velcro is located, is about 1 cm thick. In the summer, when you are wearing a cool dress or any light clothes, it will stick out very distinctly on your back.

Wearing comfort

The belly is rather heavy, so it pulls down hard. And even if you don’t take into account the fastening sticking out on the back, it will form lumps, along with the skin.